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Alain Art

What inspires me?

I was born on March 8, 1962 and I am the father of two young adults, Thomas (° 1995) and Eva (° 1998) who, as I live separated from their mother, we accompany to adulthood in a beautiful harmony together. They are undoubtedly one of the most intense catalysts of my personal transformation.


This journey of development in consciousness really began in 1991 with my desire to find a way to escape my fear of separation into intimate relationship. And now, many years later, I look back on this past with a smile because I found exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. My own path of Tantra made me travel between wonder and scariness, between moments of plenitude and the desire of never coming back, between the "Yes, now I know!" and "but what's this thing again!?"

And little by little it has brought me further, more deeply, where darkness and light meet, where fear becomes acceptance, where questioning becomes tranquillity.

These years of internal travel have generated innumerable meetings and have also led me to substantially change of my professional activity: the day I answered with a clear and unambiguous "Yes" to this unexpected mission that represents Terra Luminosa.


I am now deeply touched and grateful when together in a group we build enough confidence that the wounds of the heart and the sex dare to be revealed and healed.


I am amazed when men contact their energy Sun, fertilizing, radiant and all-encompassing, when women connect to their energy Earth, colourful, moving, unpredictable, generator of Life, creative. My heart subsides when the sexes are reconciled, when rivalries become brother- and sisterhood, when differences become source of joy and appreciation.


Apart from this activity, I still practice the veterinary profession with passion, either in Belgium or volunteering abroad.

Professional trainingen

  • Since 1991: repetitive workshops of Sacred Dance and 5 rhythms Dance.

  • From 1995 until 2010 workshops under the guidance of Deva Utsa, disciple of Osho (Zonnemaanhuis, Sijsele): Yoga-dance, meditation workshops, men's groups, summer weeks, sweat lodges, Tantra workshops.

  • Initiation to Feng Shui, kinesiology, yoga, family constellations.

  • Sweat lodges workshops and shamanism (Agape).

  • 2008 Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage Training at Syntra West.

  • 2009-2010 Two-year personal training in Tantric massage by L.Panont, certified massage trainer and professional tantric massage practitioner.

  • 2011 One-year training in body approach therapy (Philippe Wyckmans, Brussels).

  • 2011 Certification "Skydancer" at the Tantra Skydancing Instituut (Montpellier) under the guidance of Jelle Bode, Margot Anand, Marie Jesu Sandoval, Vasanti, Laurent Lacoste and Laurence Heitzmann  

  • 2012 Certification "Advanced Skydancer" at the Tantra SkyDancing Instituut

  • 2018 - 2020: Sexual Grounding Therapy  - Certification acquired on 01/24/2020; this certification is not a therapist's diploma but a personal development certificate in this matter: Sexual Grounding Therapy® is an effective form of psychological self-development rooted in experiential body-psychotherapy in a group format. It was developed in the early 1990s by Willem Poppeliers, a Dutch developmental psychologist and body-psychotherapist. Sexual Grounding Therapy® is based on Poppeliers' pragmatic theory, and is an innovative approach to systemic, body-oriented depth psychology and sexual therapy. 

Already facilitated

  • 2006-2007: meditative walks (La Verna)

  • Since 2010: creation of Terra Luminosa, individual accompaniments and animator of:

  • Tantric massage workshops ("Sacred Touch") in Maldegem, Brussels and Ghent

  • Tantra evenings, in co-animation with Anna-Maria Mergaert ("Floweringlove") in Bruges, and solo in Ghent and Bruges

  • Tantra Tribal: 6 weekend trips Tantra, originally created in co-animation with Karine Nivon (editor responsible for the magazine "Dream of Women" and Tantra Teacher since 1995) in France and Belgium. Submitted annually since 2010.

  • Tantra summer weeks in France and Belgium ("Back to the Source")

  • Since 2014: Tantra Sadhana Couples Workshops

  • Since 2016: Tantra-shamanism-creativity thematic days

  • Since 2017: Trips to the Sinai Desert and Tantric Vibes Dance

The hummingbird is the messenger of joy, love and beauty.

Legends say that the hummingbird comes to drink our nectar when our heart is open.

Our heart, the source of intimacy, opens when it recognizes its fears and feels supported, encouraged by the understanding that something greater than our fears is possible.

Terra Luminosa, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium 

Mobile: +32 (0) 488 62 92 08

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