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Tantra for couples - Tantra Sadhana

Weekend 29/11 - 01/12 2019


Weekend 14/02 - 16/02 2020

From Friday 19h to Sunday 17h


Accompaniment: Katie - Akhilanda  & Alain Art


The shadow of Feminine and Masculine highlighted

Innocence, Maturity and Creativity in the relationship

In the Tantric tradition, Sadhana (Sanskrit) means the direct way in the art of the worship of Love, which implies dedication or application and exercise ('Bakhti'), in the sense of going from 'Doing' to  ‘Being’, to render fluid what is not, to learn to love oneself before loving the other : as we can only give what we have.

For who

For couples in close relationship, regardless of the form or current experience.

This workshop is affordable without prior Tantra experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

What will you discover?

Here are the themes we cover as well as some practices and rituals for their exploration. Regarding the latter, we opt for a choice at the moment, according to what seems possible and beneficial for all of us instead of wanting at all costs to present pre-decided structures.


Energy release exercises:

- The wave of fire

- To hunt the tiger.

- The "Breath of Love" or the "Breath of Love" -Wave


A journey in mutual appreciation

- State and honour the qualities of the other

- Detachment of projections; OUTO mantra


Rooting &the tree structure


Putting distance and De-dramatization by drama therapy within the couple


Get out of the traps of seduction, and how to put love in non-love


How to make the relationship more alive, authentic and creative: from the “special” to the “sacred” relationship

- Find the right distance at every moment: consciousness and vitality Maituna Ritual

- Express and hear: welcome the needs and find the dance chords: I LOVE US


Build your life energy for yourself: Active meditations, Kundalini, microcosmic breaths, the movement of Latian movement.


Relaxation versus excitation

Taoist ritual of the deer


Massage: Puja Vajrha, Yoni Puja, Maha Puja


These practices focused on pleasure, joy and awareness can let emerge the shadows encountered in the relationship.

It is possible that we explore them more deeply during the circles of words following your request and in agreement with the group.

We are ourselves an intimate couple, which allows us to engage personally intensely in this workshop: it means that if a demo is necessary, we practice it on one another with all the authenticity that it request.

Our support is not only based on our training and professional experiences but it is also impregnated by our life as a couple, which is a wonderful source of inspiration for us.



Address: Moerhuizestraat 78, 9990 Maldegem, Belgium

Dates: 29/11 - 01/12/2019  &  14/02 - 16/02/2020, from Friday 19h to Sunday 17h.

You can register for one or two weekends.


280 € per weekend


In a double room: + 60 € p.p. (for 2 nights - The number of double rooms is limited to 4: The first registrants have priority! You can book your room upon registration.)

In the common room: + 40 € p.p. (for the 2 nights)

Accommodation on site is not mandatory but you must take into account that the workshops end around 22.30h and resume early in the morning.

You bring your own towels.


For meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch, you bring light meals prepared for 3-4 pers. which we put on a common buffet.


Before registering, we ask you to read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.

You shall receive a registration and a personal document.

Your registration is final upon receipt of the completed and signed registration documents and your deposit.