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Intimacy coaching

During these sessions, for single or couple, you are invited to clarify your questions in depth: it concerns questions of sexuality or emotional aspects of intimacy in the broad sense. These questions may relate to the present but may also be related to ancient experiences.


Much attention is paid not only to your story, but also to other aspects: how does your body express these words, how do you experience your energy-flow through the story, where does it flow, where is it stuck?


Based on these observations, you gradually can clarify what is behind and from this point the exploration process may begin.

This coaching does not have a systemic approach, which means that many methods can be used: psychodrama, outdoor work with fire, water, earth, touch, role playing, work on emotions, mirroring, etc. almost all the tools offered by Tantra.

This means that such a session usually includes body work as well as a mental/emotional approach and hopefully generates moments of clarity and insight.


These sessions take place in Maldegem, Terra Luminosa.

Accompaniment: Alain Art

Reservation by e-mail: you can already specify your theme in this e-mail

Price: 75 € per hour (average of 2 hours per session)

Accessing a fulfilling intimacy requires authenticity, feeling safe and mutual appreciation.

Alain Art

Terra Luminosa, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium 

Mobile: +32 (0) 488 62 92 08

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