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Duo massage and massage training sessions for couples

For intimate couples, we offer duo-massage  and the possibility of learning Tantric massage. 

The duo massage is done on a futon, where you are lying next to each other. You are massaged simultaneously and after the session, you have a moment to stay alone in the room. Everything is discussed in advance. Before the massage, we also ask you both to clearly indicate your wishes, your expectations, your intentions and your limits. 

We do not recommend offering such a session to your partner as a gift that has not been agreed upon before: entering into intimacy is always an important step, which requires a conscious choice. 

Just like for individual Tantric massage, there is no exchange between donors and receivers. 

The duo massage is not only a very special experience both physical and energetically. It also gives you the opportunity to deepen your relationship. At your request, we give all possible support in this process.


The couple massage learning sessions offer simple whole-body massage techniques and are intended to allow partners to discover new ways to meet through the massage. 

They are adapted to your desires and needs of exploration and they are practiced as much as possible between you, under the guidance of one of us. 

This allows you to progress further in your own creativity.


This generates between you a curious, authentic, vulnerable and respectful attitude. You will discover your capacity of presence and listening!


This massage promotes an increase in individual energy and a positive dynamic in the couple, centered on the inner feelings, on the personal experience and less nourished by the external stimulation.


 The rate is 90 € per hour and per massage therapist (2 to 3 hours for a session). The duo-massage requires generaly two massage therapists, 

This is an all-inclusive rate for individuals and it applies from the scheduled time of the appointment until the exit of the room. You have nothing to bring yourself. We are very grateful to you if you are unable, to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance.

Payement only in cash. 

To make an appointment, go to the contact page.

Terra Luminosa, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium 

Mobile: +32 (0) 488 62 92 08

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