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Power of Shakti

Friday, 25 February 2022  9:30 am 
Sunday, 27 February 2022  6:00 pm

Aina Greta

3-Day intensive workshop

Shakti is life-force, the flow of life, untamable, rich, wild, overflowing, creating and dissolving  in a continues flow, wave after wave …

When we connect or re-connect with the flow of life we become truly a-life, free-flowing, allowing all our cells to become a-life and following our hearts desires and fully live them. It touches our passion, our vibrancy, the depth of who we truly are and it awakens us from being asleep, coping and surviving into Sovereign BE-ing.

What is Womb/Hara?


The Womb for women is so much more then the physical organ uterus. It is our center of gravity and for the men also known as the Hara. This is the place where we hold our deepest potential for creation, not just a baby but everything in our life … 

It is the place of innate wisdom and power … our gut feeling and intuition, our belly center … 

What can I expect in the workshop?


On the first day  we go in the full experience of the Womb/Hara. Connecting with this often forgotten and neglected space. Trough guided visualizations, specific breathing and other powerful practices, we will re-connect, re-meet, re-discover the mysteries in this space and even descend into the Womb of the World. We will learn practices that have been passed on from ancient lineages and we will be handed the key to our creativity, vitality, sensuality and power of manifestation. We will also discover what we hold in our Womb/Hara, feel, release and cleanse what is no longer wanted. 

On the second day we deepen into the Shakti Circuit, learn, breathe and experience all of the 18 connecting points in the physical body, their treasures and the blockages. 

On the last day we open the heart and re-connect our heart-soul with the Womb/Hara, anchoring our center of power and wisdom with the love in our heart-soul and beyond with the Creator of our soul.  


The workshop is open for men and women. 

This work is equally important for both.


Aina Greta is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Soul Coach and Facilitator of Soul and Shakti Workshops and Courses.

She lives in Spain and gives workshops all over Europe by invitation

To know more about her,

follow this link.



When: Friday 25th - Sunday 27th February  9.30 – 18.00  


Where: Terra Luminosa, Moerhuizestraat 78, 9990 Maldegem - Belgium


Contribution: € 280 

Info: e-mail

Residential option:

The annex villa 'Terre de Lumiére' is available during the course.

Double room: 40€ p.p. per night (min. 2 nights)

Single room: 50€ p.p. per night (min. 2 nights)

Bed linen: to be brought or provided (+10€ per stay)

Communal meals - shared costs