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An evening of simplicity, deep listening and relaxation

7 june 2023

Shambalah - Buggenhout

Facilitator: Kobi

Assist by Alain Art

Reminding ourselves to drop into our bodies.

You are invited to an evening of thorough relaxation…

from the inside out, with yourself and with another.


You will be guided firstly on land in a gentle meditation to arrive into yourself, and with another, to be just as you are, to meet yourself in stillness, kindness and relaxation self intimacy… “in-to-me-see”!


We will be using breath and a very simple sounding technique which stimulates the vagus nerve (promoting nervous system regulation).

We often make things so so complicated when really it can be very simple.


When the nervous system feels safe, we naturally drop our masks, stuck energy can release as the holding patterns keeping it in place dissolve and a new imprint of relaxation can be made, at a cellular level.

When we let go of pre-conceived ideas of others and instead slow down enough to meet with what is present in the moment, complications can be met and allowed to drop away We then join together in the warm Shambalah pool.


In the warm water our bodies naturally soften and the guided exercises using, breath, buoyancy, self-awareness and empathy invite further deepening into relaxation.


I will take you through my process of introducing your partner …step by step….underwater. We feel our way.


The mind cannot work it out!


When our breath is met by another’s we feel seen at the level of our nervous system and in partners we instinctually offer our full attention.


The combination of the warm water…. giving ourselves time to unwind… having attention on our rhythmic breath… the skin on skin attentive embrace of another, can allow our whole system to slow down and the mind can enter a deep inner calm


In my work as a watsu/waterdance practitioner I am constantly reminded that less is more, that my’ inner state can influence my client’s wellbeing and that by stepping out of my own way, by its very nature is allowing the warm water to do its innate magic … surrender in action, opening in heart, energising breath, learning to trust another ….


No promises but I’m pretty sure you will leave calmer in mind, gently energised in body, and more open and connected in your heart.


Clothing can be optional, Shambalah will be private for just us, most importantly is that you feel at ease, so choose whatever makes you feel more at home in yourself.

For who

This workshop is open to everyone, singles or couples (intimate or friend).
Prior experience is not required.

Only a knowledge of basic English is necessary.

If you wonder if this workshop is accessible to you, if it could be beneficial to you or if you still have other questions, do not hesitate to call Kobi.

+32 486 16 18 64

About Kobi


Kobi has been transfixed by the water world of Watsu, HealingDance and Waterdance since she first came across it in 2001.


After studying land based massage techniques for quite a few years she became easily enchanted by the profound possibilities that warm water provides and has been exploring the wonders of it ever since.

For her this work perfectly combines her natural affinity with water, her deep curiosity of exploring the value of trust, and her respect for listening to and remembering the wisdom of the body


She currently works as a Wata and Watsu practitioner (bodywork in warm water). Has 800+ professional hours as a bodyworker (water and land), and has a background in yoga, dance, movement meditation, authentic relating, Embodied Intimacy®, circling®, HIQcircles® and is trauma informed.

She was trained and employed as a sculptor for 18yrs, and continues and probably always will be ‘making’ something as her hands and heart need to create!!


She strongly believes in the profound intelligence of the body and loves assisting others back to their own body’s wisdom, connection and aliveness.

She lives in an ongoing enquiry into what ‘my true nature’ actually means and how we can live more nourishing, satisfying, sublime lives and relationships


Location: Shambalah, Brielstraat 36 9255 Buggenhout Belgium

Language: English


Per person: 40 € per evening + access to the aquatic temple and the working room: 25 €


The advance of €40 must be transferred to account number BE29 3770 8416 9664 in the name of Marianne Beck, stating 'Submergence 07.06'.

The entrance fee (€ 25) is to be paid on site. Please bring the correct amount.



Before registering, please read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.

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