Alain Art

Stichter van Terra Luminosa

Summerweek Rebirth

Tantra, Natuur and Creativity


From 21 to 28 August 2020

Find your nature through the Nature

Facilitators: Alain & team


This week has been conceived as a stop in your life, before resuming your journey, with a different consciousness.

It is not a mental examination of your life: physical experiences bring you to the essence of your life day after day. A rebirth!

These experiences combine traditional Tantric practices with Shamanic rituals: they appeal to the natural elements and your naked, pure sensory nature (and therefore without psychotropic substances).

Everything can happen in this bath between you and nature, it works in you.

During this week we also provide moments of peace and pleasure: you are surrounded by fields and meadows and we have more than one hectare of completely private space available.

What you will experience during this week:​

​This week, which is in its 4th edition, offers a balance between practices, moments of relaxation and meals that are a group creation.
The first two days are devoted to Tantra rituals focused on how to generate a safe space, what are my desires, how I express them and how I give them a shape. Two Tantric practices honor the liquids of life often charged with emotion: the sperm and the blood (blood of the moons).

They are followed by a powerful ritual of abandonment to the Earth: 'sacred burial ritual' or ritual of sacred burial.

And from there you dive into a ritual of rebirth, inspired on the biological path of the cell to the adult. This ritual uses the sweat lodge, which is a symbol of the womb. We add other elements that symbolize all the organs directly related to life, thus generating an even more powerful dimension, full of meaning.

In these practices, we humbly invite Nature to influence, to express oneself, which can be felt at the physical, energetic and, of course, spiritual levels. This week is particularly intuitive and invites you to listen to the invisible.

Between these structures, we foresee spaces of sharing and creation in subgroups of men and women which culminates in a celebration of encounter.

As much as possible, depending on weather conditions, practices are done outside.


From Friday 21/08 5 p.m. to 28/08/2020 10 a.m.

Location: Moerhuizestraat 78 in 9990 Maldegem

Bilingual internship (Nl-F) with translation

Rate for the workshop:

450 € / person and 800 € / couple

€ 400 if registrations before May 20, 2020

Rate for the housing:

Under tent (to bring yourself): 75 €

In a caravan: 125 €

Room for two: 195 € p.p.

Single room: 235 €

The various possibilities being limited, the choice is proposed at the time of registration​


You bring food (or buy it up during rest periods during the week) for one or more meals you want to offer. This will be coordinated with all participants during the week before the course by our assistant to ensure the diversity of meals and a fair share of this ’task’.​

In previous years we have been able to call on volunteers, which we hope also this year. In this case, plan a food budget of 15 to 20 € per day.


Before registering, we ask you to read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.