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Alain Art

Stichter van Terra Luminosa


'In the end'

Tantra, Natuur and Creativity


From 26/08 tot 02/09/2022

Find your nature through the Nature

Facilitators: Alain Art & Kathleen Wijnen

"In the end what matters most is

how well did you love

how well did you live

how well did you learn to let go"

Touching words, often read! They can be a daily guide.

"In the end" ?

The ending, death, is simple, raw, direct, authentic.

That's where we'll take you.

Simple, raw, direct, authentic rituals.

This week has been conceived as a stop in your life, a moment to breath and then going forwards, with a different consciousness.

It is much more than a mental reflection: physical experiences take you day after day to your life.

These experiences combine traditional Tantric practices with Shamanic rituals.

They appeal to natural elements and your naked, pure sensory nature.

Nature works in you.

What you will experience during this week


This 4th edition offers a balance between rituals and moments of relaxation: it's summer and vacation time!


The core of these practices:

Tantra rituals linked to the substances of life: semen and blood.

"'Sacred Burial Ritual'" or sacred burial ritual.

An extended rebirth trajectory: this ritual uses the Sweat Lodge, symbol for the womb. We add other elements that symbolize all the organs directly related to the creation of life, creating an even more powerful dimension.


In these practices we humbly invite Nature to mold you, which can be felt on a physical, energetic and of course spiritual level.

This week is very intuitive: it's up to you to take on this opportunity to feel the Invisible.


In between these structures, we provide sharing moments and create circles of men and women, which culminate in a celebration of encounter. Healing and creativity with your own masculine or feminine polarity are key in these circles.

As much as possible, depending on the weather conditions, the rituals are done outside.​


From Friday 26/08 5 p.m. to 02/09/2022 10 a.m.

Location: Moerhuizestraat 78 in 9990 Maldegem

Language: depending on the composition of the group (Dutch, French, English)

Rate for the workshop

€650 p.p.

€ 550 if registration before April 30, 2022

Rate for the housing

Under tent (to bring yourself): 75 €

in the workingroom: 125 €

Twin room: 195 €

Single room: 295 €

The various possibilities being limited, the choice is proposed at the time of registration​


morning and evening meals: provided and composed by the group

main meal: provided and composed in group or caterer service - vegetarian

these costs will be settled at the end of the week


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