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Alain Art

Stichter van Terra Luminosa

Tantra and the natural elements

One Saturday a month

September 22 - October 27

November 10 - December 15

Facilitator: Alain Art


If the senses through the practice of Tantra grow to unexpected heights, ask yourself what can Fire, Earth, Water, and Air reveal when they get mixed with these bodily explorations?


An invitation to let the natural elements may destroy our protection shields we have been builtding up during all the past years.


These 4 days are related to the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. They are the source of inspiration for these explorations that combine Tantra, shamanism and creativity. Creativity expresses spontaneously when the energy stuck in the body is released by movement and breathing.


Various tantric practices can be presented in these workshops and outside in the nature.

Without being exhaustive, here is a list of these practices of the thematic days:


Movement, Shaking, Tribal Dance, Creative Dance, Guided Dance,


Practices of meditation and consciousness in breathing


Creation in various forms of artistic expression, in body-painting


Massage: Although we do not practice tantric massage, these guided massages can encompass the entire body, whether nudity or not. You will be invited to feel each time what is beneficial for yourself, respecting your limits, those of other participants and the usual framework of all workshops.


All this is done in a spirit of invitation and not obligation.

For who

For men and women, single or couple, curious and passionate about life, open to the unknown, to what lives in the body, in the emotions, in the soul and in the spirit and eager to feel their vital life-energy grow.

There is no prerequisite.

Theme 22/09

Through the Inuit tale "The Skeleton Woman", the Water Element invites you to transform, in your mind and body memory, that which limits your inner relational freedom.


This tale is addressed primarily to the woman, to become aware of what she carried away from her family environment, and allows the man to find through his fears a more empathetic and compassionate attitude.


You will also live it in the opposite direction in what could be called "the skeleton man".


This exploration is done by the powerful physical contact of the water and a guided massage.

Theme 27/10

The element Earth, female element, is connected to the first Chakra, feet, legs, pelvis, perineum, seat of trust and anchorage. When the first chakra is well connected to the Earth, then a good stability settles in our life, either on the relational or professional level. It is also related to the material base in our life. Conversely, many wounds in trust crystallize in this region. Our attention will be focused on these areas by soft touching and massage.

Exploring the Earth element also means plunging into the unknown, into the dark.

Theme 10/11

The Fire element, with its transformative power, will be your guide at the beginning of winter, during these dark days.

This can be a powerful and particularly meaningful experience for everyone. We explore the orgasm of fire, which by movement and breathing generates an inner hurricane, sweeping each chakra. An experience to live in the abandonment, in which you can feel where this hurricane may want to stop and how you can relaunch, to finally marvel at the inner renewal.

Theme 15/12

Connected to the chakra of the heart, lungs, breathing, the day "Air" is an invitation to vulnerability, openness and abandonment. You will be taken into a bath of sweetness where the power of Touch and conscious presence will facilitate your intimate journey, to let your breastplates melt away a few days of Christmas.


Location and dates:

On 22/09, at "Paradiso", Beekstraat 8, 9968 Bassevelde

On 27/10, 10/11 and 15/12, at "Terra Luminosa", Moerhuizestraat 78, 9990 Maldegem

From 10.00 to 17.00 h (max.18h)

NL-F bilingual workshop with translation


75 € per day

 65 € p.p. per day if registration for 4 days - the deposit is in this case taken into account on the last day.

Cash payment on the spot. Deposit: 20 € (payment to account BE29 9733 5253 9864)


Everyone brings a prepared meal (pasta, soup, salad, quiche, fruit, drink, bread, cheese ... your own choice!) which we share in a large multi-coloured buffet.

To bring: 

Your tantric kit as well as clothes that can be soiled and a swimsuit. All this can be used depending on the weather, the composition of the group and the proposed structures.


Before registering, we ask you to read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.

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