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Stichter van Terra Luminosa

Tantric massage 

We prefer to use the name "Tantric massage".


The term "Tantra massage" is often used for purposes of trade and prostitution. This is different from what Tantra, and especially Terra Luminosa, wishes to promote and which is clarified below.

The term "Tantric massage" refers to its Indian origin and was called and subdivided into "Yoni Puja", "Vajrha Puja" and "Maha Puja".

The term "Kashmiri massage" is also and rightly used in Western countries, but we speak preferably of "Tantric massage" because it allows more creativity in the positions and techniques applied.


What is a tantric massage?

It is a progressive massage that encompasses the body as a whole, respecting the limits of each person.

It means the awakening of the senses, an encounter with the whole body, the awakening of energies and hidden emotions, an increased sensitivity, softness where intimacy may have been hurt ... a holistic journey.

The particularity of this massage is that the sexual energy can be felt freely. When this energy spreads throughout the body, it is a source of joy and spiritual expansion.


What about nudity during a Tantric massage?


The receiver and the donor are both naked, in a spirit of openness and authenticity. This is discussed during the conversation preceding the session. Nudity can also be installed in phases. In this sense, tantric massage is an excellent tool to overcome fears or taboos about nudity.

Are there any sexual acts or masturbation during a Tantric massage?

No, the purpose of this massage is not a sexual act between donor and receiver. It is also not about giving insistently attention or on the sexual zones to reach orgasm (with ejaculation for men).

Tantric massage, on the other hand, allows the sexual energies of both men and women in deep relaxation to be awakened and distributed, so that they can have a positive effect throughout the body and not just in the genital area.

This experience can then be experienced as a meditative journey.


Can we touch de giver?


As a receiver, it is very tempting to give back what we receive. But first we must learn what surrender and trust mean, and in particular how to learn how to receive.

Surrender can be quite difficult and, under the pretext of giving back what is received, sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to feel what this massage really awakens and its full potential. The intention is to have a full session for yourself and, in that sense, you are asked not to touch the giver.



Authenticity and confidentiality are essential Tantric values : we appreciate you contacting us openly. You do this preferably via the contact page or possibly by mobile phone.


If desired, we can also put you in touch with therapists we trust and who are active in other regions (Ghent, Flemish Ardennes, Brussels).

Prices are determined by each mass therapist individually (average rate: 110€ per hour, all-in, session of min.2h and max.3h).

If you are really ready to open up to new experiences and get down completely into your body, then the Tantric massage can reveal its true substance, namely, a transcendent meditation.

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