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Alain Art

Stichter van Terra Luminosa

Tantric massage for couples and intimate relationship coaching

Tantric massage for couples


​Lying on a large futon, you receive a full body massage, adapted to your desires and your limits.


Your body and the way your energy moves through you can become the guiding principle of this massage. So it may be different for each of you. Ideally this session is very intuitive, but it takes place simultaneously, side by side, in the same room.


The intention can be:

- experience pure pleasure and relaxation,

- a way to explore and push your limits,

- experience new bodily sensations at the same time as your partner,

- get out of a routine and give a boost to your intimate life,

- be a gift for each other,

- overcome disturbing emotions such as shame or guilt about your sexuality.


We start with a short conversation. Then you take a shower.

The massage lasts approximately 2 hours.

Then you will remain alone in the massage room.

After 15' we come back to you. You have time to share your experience of this session and to shower again.

The full session lasts a maximum of 3 hours.


price: 500€ per couple


Massage therapists: Alain Art | Kathleen Wijnen

Location: Moerhuizestraat 78, 9990 Maldegem

Appointment: via the contact page 



Intimate relationship coaching


Through a process that we determine in consultation (number of sessions), we will emphasize the awareness and the deepening of intimacy within your couple.

​For this, we will use techniques of conversation, bodywork and/or massage.


So you can 

transform conflict situations,

develop greater energy harmonization,

learn to recognize and manage the ingredients of a safe environment, where your heart can open up, where the unspoken can reveal itself, where your emotions find visible, audible and acceptable expression for everyone,

clarify and permanently transform the obstacles that have arisen during your upbringing or in previous relationships and are infiltrating your current relationship,

learn a way of physical touch that is potentially less needy and/or frustrating, and which can generate more fulfillment, respect, appreciation, admiration for oneself and for the other.




Price per couple:


base rate: €110 per hour

From the 3rd session: €95 per hour.

Duration of the session: min.1h to max.3h.


Accompaniment: Alain Art

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