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Sexual Body Work and Tantric Massage

I like to use the word 'Sexual Body Work' so as not to limit what is offered in these sessions only to tantric massage.


Essentially  'Sexual  Body Work' is

where you can get closer to your bodily sensations,

where you can discover more of your feminine landscape,

where your sexual potential is supported, invited, activated,

and where your intimate wounds can mote into a positive transformation.



What do these last words mean?


A session is not therapeutic work and does not replace any form of psychotherapy or anything like it.


Even if you feel no desire or need to transform wounds in the broad sense, each session is nevertheless a space where you can open yourself to what is vulnerable in you and where deeply rooted emotions can come to light.


If you allow yourself this open attitude, you may be surprised at yourself.


In the end, this generates even more female maturity.

Concretely, how does this happen?

Of course, we start with a conversation: we keep it short to get to the point.

Where are you currently in your intimacy? what do you want to discover? what are your desires and desires? ….. And maybe you don't know it too well yet.


Then we let go of all that and you can open yourself up to all the possibilities.


After that ?


According to your needs and your request,

maybe we will explore topics such as self-love, the way you look at yourself, your relationship to nudity...

maybe we will work on how to contact your body and your breathing, on how to let go of tensions,

or maybe you want to dive straight into tantric massage.


And what is a tantric massage?


A complete and unlimited bodily experience (remaining nevertheless within the ethical framework)!

The massage has no reference point, no standard course, no end point or goal.

The form of practicing it can therefore be entirely adapted to what is beneficial for you.



It can be subtle and gentle caresses, a meditative experience, but it can also be a shamanic trance dance.


It can be a long ecstatic silence or just as well a sequence of primal cries.


It can be a big smile but it can also be a torrent of tears, they are both the pearls on your face!


Massage can be very passive, letting yourself be carried away, but also very active, where you intensely feel your inner flow step by step and indicate what you need.


This moment is yours and you fully grant yourself this right to feel and breathe!

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A session lasts a minimum of two and a maximum of three hours: plan a free half-day for this session, so that you can also integrate it afterwards.


You don't need to bring anything: everything is provided here.

After the conversation and if necessary a shower, we will start practically.


If you opt for a tantric massage, it itself lasts at least 1h30 to 2h.


If it is another form of Sexual Body Work, it may be shorter.

Then a shower is again possible as well as a sharing if you feel it is necessary.

The price is 220€ (2h)) – 260€ (3h) all inclusive, and payment is made in cash only.


Appointments are made by email ( or the contact page.

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