Alain Art

Stichter van Terra Luminosa

Tantra through the lens of the marvelling

Photography within Tantric inspiration

6 days of experimentation and creation
Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

Accompaniment: Anayama & Alain Art


Touching the other one by your eyes, being touched by what you see of the other, his/her body, his/her expression: a challenge!

And how about showing you in all your vulnerability, to let yourself be touched by someone else's eyes in your feminine and/or masculine potential,?


Confidentiality is the absolute condition: no photographic material comes out of the workshop, with the exception of images of yourself and only on your USB key or your photo card.

Then, we can travel on the Tantric path from this unique angle.

Through photography, we illustrate essential values ​​such as trust, openness, (self) love, authenticity and honesty.

The creativity to which you are invited is paying a lot of attention to being connected with mutual appreciation and respect for boundaries.


You will be guided throughout the learning process of awareness, acceptance, and how to go beyond your prejudices and conditioning to the body.

Gradually, you discover that you can be surprised and deeply touched by the shapes, the curves, the colors, the wrinkles, the sensual parts unknown and the apparent imperfections.

The way you look at yourself and the other is entering a process of maturation. By advancing step by step in the authentic expression of your masculinity and your femininity, the perception of your body image and that of others evolves.


You dare to look beyond the ideal of beauty and learn to be grateful to your body and the body of others as it is now.

The true face of beauty is revealed: a forgotten miracle, which we discover in a playful and joyful way on the Tantric way.

For who

Singles and couples are welcome.

Prior experience of Tantra or photography is not necessary, but the interest and willingness to participate with an open heart and mind.


The focus is not on the technical aspects of photography. A professional camera is not necessary.

An ordinary smartphone capable of photographing is enough. The attention goes on watching and seeing with awake eyes.



You can follow the workshops below separately or as they progress. Many possibilities of expressions of love, sensuality and energy are explored and visualized




See and be seen, how does it work? You learn to look directly at the body, open mind, open heart and awake eyes.

You observe your ideas and judgments about beauty and learn to deepen what touches your heart.




And what happens when it's about to be attractive or not?

Can you communicate on this vulnerable subject and show what seems "flawed" to your body?

You learn to take a different perspective in your mind and behind the camera.

"Juicy sexuality"



In connection with others, you explore your own feminine and masculine sensuality. What is being and feeling sensual? and how can you accentuate and visualize it?


Do you dare to surrender with confidence, freedom, discover and express your sexual energy and power in front of the camera?

"The shrine of sexuality"



Our most vulnerable and intimate parts are sacred and can be approached, celebrated and honored as unique works of art.


All expressions and emotions can be accepted in love.

"Nude Art"



How can you shape and visualize human animalism in you in an intuitive and creative way?

This workshop is particularly appealing to our creative strength: we dance and create living works of art from our body.

“Touch in the picture”



You touch with your hands and eyes! You are completely immersed in the fluidity, healing and relaxation of tantric massage as a donor, giver and photographer.


Introduction days :

On June 23, at Terra Luminosa in Maldegem and on September 8, at the organic farm Vevy Wéron in Wépion.

The dates:


Part 1 - Fall 2019                                                    Part 2 - Spring 2020           

29/09/2019                                                           09/02/2020

03/11/2019                                                            15/03/2020

22/12/2019                                                            17/05/2020  

Location and schedule:


Each workshop takes place on Sundays from 10h to 18h.

location: the beautiful setting of Koningsteen, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, near Mechelen

Bilingual workshop with translation

Min. 10, - max.16 participants

No parity required.

Contribution to the workshop:


- Registration for a complete series (3 days) before the 15/09: 135 € per day

- Registration for a complete series (3 days) after 15/09: 150 € per day

- Registration per day: 170 €


These rates include the workshop and a delicious bio-vegetarian lunch.


Before registering, we ask you to read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.

Terra Luminosa, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium 

Mobile: +32 (0) 488 62 92 08

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