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Tantric photography session 



This unique project offers you the opportunity to experience essential Tantric values, especially trust, authenticity, (self) love and non-judgment, through a co-creation event between you and the photographer.


The photo sessions are organized by Anayama, psychologist / psychotherapist, Certificated trainer of mindfulness and photographer. It’s her second nature to guide people in their process. Her combination of talents allows her to visualize your intimate physical appearance creatively.




Is it something for you?


Why would you ask for a photo shoot that is so intimate, erotic and sensual?


  • This could be the consecration of Tantric path...

  • You finally love (more) your body and you want to capture on a picture this self-esteem and this image acceptance ...

  • Or you want to push your limits and find out more about your masculinity or femininity, your physical beauty and your appearance

  • You want to celebrate your body and your temple of love

  • You want to literally put in color and image the love and the erotic passion in your couple

  • You want to remember that you are beautiful / beautiful, sensual and erotic

  • You want to increase your self-confidence or your unique female / male potential


You learn to see your body with different eyes, like an artistic work, beautiful and unique. The perception of your own femininity and / or masculinity is changing.


In this way, you continue to build a positive body image, your self-esteem and your self-acceptance.




The intentions of a photo shoot


Everyone is beautiful. Forget the ideal image and dare to be only sensual!


Our goal is to enhance the appearance of your body in a subtle way: in its simplest form, the most beautiful and the most vulnerable. It can mean artistic nudity, direct nudity, half nudity. Your whole body can enter the picture or only a part (body scape). Your limits and your wishes are central.


You may be wondering where the difference lies with pornography and exhibitionism? The answer lies not only in the subtlety of the photograph, but also and especially in the intention. Porn and exhibitionism are centered outside and aim at seduction for various purposes. A Tantric photographic session concerns you, it‘s about an even deeper and more authentic appreciation of your body, its forms, your unique expression of masculine and / or feminine energy without having to seduce or excite the other one.


Do you dare to take on the challenge of seeing, showing, capturing ... all your masculine or feminine potential and your vulnerability for yourself?


Do you want to accept yourself this way?




How's it going


Before you begin, you have to take the time to get to know each other and to set boundaries and wishes again.


The images are created in a fun and interactive way, perhaps first with some instructions, but gradually postures and spontaneous movements become visible, and if you wish, with the sound of the music.


You can go completely nude or suggestively nude or half naked; whether or not you use stimulating lingerie, beautiful clothes or accessories.

The decor can be a natural setting or take place indoors (at Terra Luminosa in Maldegem).





You request your appointment by mail (

"To look with love is to see that everyone is bathed in beauty"


All photos are protected by copyright. Their use is possible only with the express permission of the author.

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