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Tantric Vibes Dance

Tuesday 11/09 - 25/09 - 09/10 - 30/10

 (19.30h opening doors) 20h - 21.30h

Facilitation: Alain Art

The concept

"Sensoriality, Sensuality, Sexuality and connection of the heart ... Feed your life-energy in full freedom"


Tantric Dance is a totally free dance that invites total presence into oneself and the other and allows you to connect to your feelings, to listen to your breath, to awaken your vital energy.


It is above all a journey where one can meet oneself first and then from this safe basis connect to others on a much deeper level, to explore as well the limits as the possibilities.


In the sex-mind-heart connection, we can access with respect another inner state as well as letting go and open the doors of a more mysterious world that is our true joyful, sensual and ecstatic nature.


Read the game's rules, at the bottom of the page!

For who

Open evenings for anyone wishing to discover the Tantric approach, also to those who already have experience, alone or in couple.


Involvement, openness, vulnerability, power, animality, sensuality, pleasure, expansion, intimacy, respect, divinity ... do you recognize yourself in this?


The evening lasts 1 1/2 hours.


These evenings are based on the principle of Tantra Yoga, the use and awareness of the 3 essential tools of Tantra: movement, breathing and sounds. There’s a mix of active mediations, tantric rituals and dance, sometimes guided sometimes free, allowing the game, the creativity, the awakening of the senses and the energy sex-heart.


The sexual fire is invited to light up, to be burned and consumed, perhaps the Kundalini serpent will be in your body, the right distance and the encounter between you and the other are explored.


The dance-contact will also be guided in these evenings, you tame what is good for you, you discover in the innocence of the game your limits and desires, to finally go down into a state of interior calm, perhaps a moment of "Bliss "....

The games rules

With the intention to allow the body through the dance to give expression to the sexual and heart energy, it is essential to respect a frame.


Everyone will be able to explore safely and confidently his or her body creativity as he or she desires.


This framework must be respected at all times:


  • Clothing: You choose the clothing that suits you. There is no nudity during the evening. We invite you to play with the choice of your clothes: Treat yourself, be comfortable, it is not in a spirit of competition or make any judgment on the other. We offer you a space where you can freely explore your creativity. Discover through clothing new sub-personalities in you, play with your male and female polarities! Dare!


  • Contact between participants: is always in full respect of the other. If a person makes you understand that the contact is not appropriate, it is understood and respected. There is no justification to give. A simple sign is enough to understand that.


  • Sexuality: There is no sexual intercourse during these evenings. The contacts remain energetic, mutually agreed body-to-body contact is possible. When this is over, you are asked not to harass your partner.


  • Silence: we ask not to speak during the dance and to communicate only in a low voice if you are in the rest area.


  • The final sharing: To allow you to put awareness on your experience, it remains your own choice to communicate as you see fit. (Sometimes by two or sometimes with the group)


  • Within this framework, each participant also has his own frame and at any time, you respect the frame of the other: this means for example, that if in an accompaniment, we invite you to dance with a contact hand-arm and that the person in front of you does not wish it (his/her frame is thus more restrictive than the one which we propose at this moment), you respect his/her request.


  • In the guided periods, everything is to be considered as an invitation and not an obligation.



Polariteit Vzw, Verkortingstraat 55, 9040 Gent

Room: De Deining


11/09 - 25/09 - 09/10 - 30/10 (continuation possible from November if location available)


From 20.00h to 21.30h. Arrival desired from 19.30h.

We start on time: so be present in time to change and make the payment.

To bring:

Bandeau or scarf, cushion, bottle of water and possibly reserve clothes.

Registration: preferably in advance by mail (


GSM contact: 0495/22 73 62

Rate:15 € p.p. cash at the entrance


Terra Luminosa, Maldegem, Flanders, Belgium 

Mobile: +32 (0) 488 62 92 08

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