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Why a Yoni massage?


Yoni is the Sanskrit name of the woman's sexual organ and this word is used because it is free from any connotation.


Because of its anatomy, it is a rather mysterious organ, whose anatomy and physiological functioning often raise questions. The first intention of the massage is to make contact with his sensations to increase his sensitivity and / or to find pleasant sensations.


Then, the massage allows and supports the woman in her exploration of her female sexual potential. The children's tales about the Prince on his white horse that conquers the princess and wakes her up (and thus implicitly also sexually) have left women with limiting beliefs. If there is an undeniable truth that the source of intimacy is in the heart, the fact remains that exploring your sexual potential is your personal responsibility.


Finally, insufficiently conscious, unwanted or excessive sexual relations often leave tensions in the Yoni. Facilitating a more relaxed state through these practices opens the way to a joyous dance of love with your beloved.


With a slow and delicate approach of the whole body, a deep relaxation is induced, an important condition for this massage.

It also focuses on the relaxation of the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs, where many tensions are often accumulated.


The massage then continues to the external genital areas and, upon request, to the inner zone of the Yoni.

Communication during this massage is essential for (learning to) indicate what is pleasant or not, what is sensitive or not, how you prefer to be touched: slower, faster, more lightly, with more pressure, more rest , a stop and then resume ...


Breathing and diffusing the energy in the body during and after the massage are also points we are interested in.


Thus, through a more conscious contact can arise new physical sensations around and in the Yoni. The more it is practiced, the more the massage can be guided according to these sensations.


Emotions often emerge and they will be shared before and after the sessions.





The Yoni massage is usually a follow-up session of a tantric massage.

The price is 75 € per hour, all inclusive. You have nothing to bring.

You can make an appointment via the contact page.

This massage, also called Yoni Puja, honors your Yoni as a beneficial source of pleasure and vitality.

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