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Alain Art

Stichter van Terra Luminosa

Attending a workshop or one-on-one session on the topic of intimacy is a serious commitment, which requires revealing yourself sexually and emotionally.

By participating, you agree to be guided by the facilitators. If resistance does arise, participants (M / F) are asked to openly share their resistance, doubts, desires and sexual reactions when they arise.

Due to the nature of Tantra, participants are asked to understand that this is a specific context, which may differ significantly from other contexts in society, for example participating in exercises with the naked body. You explicitly acknowledge that you are aware that some of the suggested exercises may include the sexual areas and that these exercises are professionally guided by the facilitator.

You understand that facilitators never seek to force or require a participant to do anything beyond their ability to freely choose in a situation. You are free to participate in these exercises at any time and take full responsibility for your involvement in the exercises. Participants are asked to refrain from any sexual activity (penis-vagina penetration, oral sex, etc.) with other members of the group or with members of the team. It is assumed that no facilitator will have sexual activity with a participant. During the rest periods of a workshop and during the periods between the workshops of the same course, we advise participants not to have more than friendly relations.

You will not hold the facilitators responsible for any damage caused by your actions.

It is not allowed to use video or sound recording devices during individual and group sessions. These devices, including GSM smartphones, cannot in any way be brought into the workplace (whether inside or outside).

The use of alcohol, drugs and any substance modifying the sensory perceptions or the psychic state is prohibited during the workshops.

You are assured that everything you disclose about yourself, including your identity, is kept strictly confidential. However, the facilitator reserves the right to discuss specific points concerning the participant with a supervisor. Participants are requested not to discuss what is happening during the activities with anyone who is not directly in their group so that a safe and confidential environment is provided for all.

Individual or group activities are not psychotherapeutic treatment. They serve as training, experience and / or personal development. If you are in psychological follow-up, we invite you to continue it.

The ethical commitment ends when a workshop or session is over.


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