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Sexual Body Work



I offer individual sessions called 'Sexual Body Work', which is a broader term than Tantric Massage and less ambiguous than 'Tantra Massage'.

Ideally, these sessions complement the group sessions, whether in preparation or in follow-up to them.


During these sessions, you will be able to explore various aspects of your sexuality.

You may be motivated by:

- your relationship to nudity

- how to develop a soft and positive perception of your body

- learn to appreciate your genital area, which we call with a very soft word 'Yoni' 

- I dare to enter your pleasure and express your feminine potential

- I allow consciously allow my body to be touch

- I realize what receiving a full caress means

- I want to receive a massage in a state of deep relaxation, beyond all my beliefs

- what is the impact of breathing on my sensations and my energy

- how to integrate my feminine energy, beyond the genital orgasm

- I would like to dare to put words on what I feel, I want to expose myself emotionally


This is done primarily through a physical approach, which involves touch and massage, complemented by verbal sharing. The setting where you will explore is safe and intimate. It invites you to fully expose yourself, both literally and figuratively.


We start with a conversation that helps to fully understand what you want to explore and we will continue with the Tantra rituals.

It is most often tantric massage, but it is neither obvious nor an obligation. It is possible that other rituals are more appropriate to your request.

The rituals (massage or other) involve  in general your whole body.

So it also means your genitalia, your Yoni. We always speak about this aspect during the preliminary interview so that everything happens according to your wishes and with your permission. This 'conscious sexual assertiveness' aspect is far from obvious for many and often requires real learning, which is one of the major intentions of these sessions.

To be clear, this massage is not intended for a 'happy ending' after a few moments nor is it to be considered as 'the Art of making Love' between two lovers.


On the other hand, if you are really looking for an alignment in you between mind-heart and sex, if you are ready to authentically explore your potential, ready to transform what limits you, I accompany you with empathy and professionally in this process.

These sessions can also concern couples: do not hesitate to contact me about this.

For men interested in these sessions, I invite you to send me a message through the contact page: I will send you the coordinates of female massage therapists. I do not respond to phone calls or text messages.


NB: these sessions are not psychological therapy and can in no way replace it.

Knowing that we approach the field of intimacy in a physical and emotional way, from the moment you request such a session, you are aware of what you are about to explore and you are expected to take full responsibility for it. This will be further clarified if necessary during the interview before any sexual body work.

"Sexual Bodywork"...?


Your only 'work' is to accept to receive the touch,


in every cell of your body.

So love, what connects us with the indefinable, flows within you...

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You send me an email ( with your contact details.

It is interesting to explain your intentions, your desires and your experiences. I will then suggest dates.

Your data will be treated as strictly confidential and deleted at your request.

Price: A session includes an conversation before and after, the shower and the sexual body work.

The duration is variable and it cannot be fixed precisely in advance.

It is between min. 2 hours (220€) and max. 3h (260€), to be paid in cash on site.


Before your arrival, the space is carefully prepared for you: I am grateful to you for arriving at the agreed time, neither before nor after. The time is also counted from the agreed time until your departure.

You don't need to bring anything, everything is provided on site.

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