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Love and intimacy,

Connection of the heart and sexuality!


"A mystery where we laugh with pleasure,

where we cry in despair,

where we scream in pain,

where we hide by shame,

where we flee by disgust,

where we share love and tenderness, "




Intimacy is an mysterious alchemy. It is not a question of finding a recipe to acquire any power, to control or to find an emergency exit in the face of the difficulties with which it confronts us.

On the contrary, the key words are going down in the body sensations, feeling deeply and welcoming,

Shelling and transforming taboos, beliefs, breaches of limits and injuries

letting go and surrendering in confidence

to open up to what is lived in intimacy in a more mature way, more aware, more liberated, closer to our true selves than ever ...


We talk about aligning sex, heart and mind,

to calm what is over-activated or to wake up what is sleepy, insensitive or over-protected


We are talking about connecting this vertical inner axis in a nourishing, balanced and joyous way with ourself , with the other and the whole ...

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Our offer


Tribal Tantra

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Sexual Body Work

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