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Aqua Flow Massage 

 Tantra in warm water


Monthly, on Wednesday or Friday evening

From 20 to 23h


In the Aquatic Temple Shambalah, in Buggenhout​


Aqua Flow Massage is related to Watsu in hot water.

It has this in common that it aims above all for a deep relaxation of the mind and body.


In the absence of effort, carried with confidence and security, floating becomes relaxation and letting go. Your body intuitively surrenders to the water and gradually regains all of its space.


I invite you to nudity through which your body can be felt in its entirety and without limitation, if not that of the ethical framework.
I invite you to judge neither your sensations, nor your feelings.

I invite you to open up to all possible in the absence of goals.

Perhaps an ecstatic state unknown to this day will reveal itself in you!

It's another, quite unique, way of discovering your privacy.


Water makes a woman very sensual and fluid.
It can be very moving for a man to be able to accompany his partner in this state of relaxation and to observe his authentic beauty. And also to discover its own beauty!


The most heard testimony after the party, from both men and women, is “A Heavenly Experience! "

For who

You register with your partner or with a friend, a friend. All combinations are possible: M/F, F/F, M/M.


You're alone?:

Go to the Facebook event and indicate in the comments that you would like to find a partner.

If there is an answer to that, get to know more through Messenger.

Clearly discuss your limits and desires.

If you decide to participate, register together below.


At the start of the evening, don't forget to agree on a gesture code so that you can indicate when your limit is approached without having to come out of your state of abandonment.

Aquaflow-Terra Luminosa- WB 2021.01.jpg

Organization of the evening

During the first hour, in the basement, in the mirror room or in the massage room, we prepare our body and our mind for Aqua Flow Massage. Creating a safe group atmosphere is also part of this preparation.

In soft clothes, with your partner, you practice Tantra Yoga, creative dance, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises or massage sessions.


Around 9 p.m., in a fluid movement, we head for the swimming pool.

It is entirely reserved for us from this moment.

I guide you in different movements, in tantric rituals, in massages, which you only practice with your partner.

One supports, the other surrenders completely.

You are naked, naked or not, as you see fit.

And you change roles in turn.


At 11pm we end with a few words.



once a month, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

You can arrive from 7:30 p.m., so that we can start at 8 p.m.

Next Date:

  • 21/04


SHAMBALAH, Brielstraat 36, 9255 Buggenhout

Depending on the composition of the group, I accompany in Dutch and / or in French.
Exceptionally, the translation will be in English.


Per person: 40 € per evening + access to the aquatic temple and the room: 22 €


The amount of the workshop (35 € p.p.) must be paid in advance to the account BE79 9733 7330 4433 BIC: ARSPBE22 in the name of CV TERRA LUMINOSA with the mention "A.F.M. "+ Date (s) of the evening (s)".

The entrance fee (€ 22) is to be paid on site. Please bring the correct amount.


NB: CORONA - If we are obliged to cancel the workshop, you can transfer your deposit to a later session to be chosen by yourself. For other cases of cancellation, only the generalconditions apply.


If possible, register in pairs.

I really appreciate that when you have submitted your registration, you are also present. If not, please indicate this in time.

You register for one or more sessions of your choice. However, the repeated practice of this workshop allows you to feel each time more confident and to open you even more to the potential of this theme. We therefore advise you this repeated practice.

Before registering, please read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.

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