Gyana Mudra - Tantra in warm water

Monthly, on Wednesday evening

From 20 to 23h

In the Aquatic Temple Shambalah, in Buggenhout​


Immersed in a spacious square pool whose temperature is the same as the temperature of your body (36 ° C),

Supported by the power of the pyramid overlooking the pool and immersed in a magical game of light as soon as the sun goes down,

The mind dissolves gradually,

The body, essentially composed of water, resonates with the surrounding water, through movements sometimes guided, sometimes free, through Touch and aquatic tantric massage.


Thanks to the absence of gravity, you can move your body in three dimensions.


Floating will take you into a deep relaxation. Your body surrenders intuitively to water and recovers the space freely.

The warm water space makes a woman very sensual and fluid.

It is for men a remarkable experience to see women in their authentic beauty and themselves discover a particularly soft form in their own sensuality.

For who

This is accessible to all, singles or couples. 


This is based on respect for everyone's limits, which is a learning process in which we would like to guide you through this workshop.


Practising together brings a real expansion in the heart.


The rituals:

During these evenings, a combination of movements or dance in the room "Mirrors" downstair (1h) is followed by a 2h session in the water where we practice Aqua-Tantra (Tantric Rituals, touch and massage in the water).

The first hour is intended to prepare the body for Aqua Tantra and generate a group spirit so that you can then explore together in the pool with confidence.

We guide you within your own limits, to enable you to give yourself more and more with confidence, so that you do not have to keep your protection and you slowly can leave your armour.



From 21h the entire complex is available to us privately.

Nudity is desirable.


29/01 (full)- 19/02 (full) - 11/03 (full) - 29/04 - 20/05 - 10/06

16/09 - 14/10 - 18/11 - 16/12

From 20.00h to 23.00h

Location: SHAMBALAH, Brielstraat 36, 9255 Buggenhout

Bilingual evening (Nl-F) with translation​


35 € per evening + access to the water temple and the workshop room: 20 €

The price of the workshop is to be paid beforehand on account BE79 9733 7330 4433  on name CV TERRA LUMINOS with the mention "AT+ date of the evening".

The entrance fee (20 €) is paid on the spot to the facilitator.​


If possible, register in pairs.


If you are single and register alone, you agree that maybe someone of the same kind will support you during these exercises. We also remind you that the exercises take place within a clear framework of respect and empowerment so that you can effectively relax and surrender.

You also practice them within your possibilities: nothing is obligated!

Practicing with someone of the same sex should not be an obstacle in itself, but on the contrary: it opens the door to more sisterhood and brotherhood!


We really appreciate that when you have submitted your registration, you are also present. If not, please indicate this in time.

You register for one or more sessions of your choice. However, the repeated practice of this workshop allows you to feel each time more confident and to open you even more to the potential of this theme. We therefore advise you this repeated practice.

Before registering, we ask you to read the ethical code and the general conditions.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with them.