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Tao Tantra massage training


8 & 9 /10/2022

Facilitator: Kathleen Wijnen


If life is the road we travel, then Tao represents the quality of that journey, which is indescribable, all-encompassing, timeless, effortless and desireless, life as it comes.
Tantra is about entering into the experience, taking things into your own hands and thus giving yourself the opportunity to grow as a person.


Tao Tantra Massage invites you to feel what is alive, to be touched, and not just physically.

It's about allowing ourselves to feel and be felt, to show ourselves as we are in the moment.



The Tao Tantra massage is slow and gentle.

This helps the receiver to focus, and therefore to be more deeply present in the touch.

With hot oil, which helps to sink in. Without having to DO anything.

Slowness and gentleness calm our nervous system and help to penetrate even deeper into our interior.

Through this massage we activate the receptivity of our cells, we regain contact with our body in a sensitive way.

And so we experience the depth of being touched beyond our physical body.


The Tao tantra massage is also an ode to the body.

Every square inch of the body is recognized and touched, including the genitals. It gives us the opportunity to experience ourselves completely without excluding the essential parts. Letting ourselves be seen and touched in our most intimate part can mean a lot and move us. We get to know ourselves better also as sensual and sexual beings.

Together on the futon we create a safe cocoon where we meet face to face.
We nod, we have nowhere to go, we aim for no effect or result.

Each massage will be different because each moment is a different moment.
Being together is grafted on what presents itself here and now, it is about "being able to be with what is beneficial and healing for the soul".


As a giver, you learn more about your own attitude to “give”. You directly experience what it means to be of service to the receiver's experience without wanting to cause anything yourself.

Massaging with such serene presence brings you into the here and now. Thus, this massage is an exercise in awareness and introspection and its practice brings you humility and love as a precious gift.

For him and her who wish to practice this massage


If you want to learn how to give the Tao-Tantra massage, I can teach it to you.

This is not a training to become a professional tantra masseur, but at the end of the series of massages you can give a full body massage to your (occasional) partner.


Moreover, it is an introduction to the spirit of Tantra as an attitude towards life and an inspiration to take your intimacy to another level.


For who?


This series is open to everyone. You don't need to have any prior knowledge.
Nudity is not a barrier for you.
You come as a couple (occasional), composed of man/woman, or any other link.

Are you single and don't have a partner to learn massage together, please let us know in time.

Maybe someone else is in this situation and you can form a casual duo together.

By forming these occasional duos, we strive to achieve parity, as male and female intimate touch are widely approached, practiced and experienced equally.

We will see together if a change of partner during the series is indicated and desired:
A different touch can reveal other things, and therefore can be helpful if we are open to it.

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The series will take place at Terra Luminosa in Maldegem on Saturday 8 and sunday 9 /10/2022
Each time From 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

The price: 220 €
Advance 100€ p.p.

When you register, you will receive an email with practical explanations of what to bring.